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February 2023 Employment Report

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today that total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 311,000. The unemployment rate edged down to 3.6 percent relative to one year ago. The...

Former President Trump: Summary of False Claims

According to the New York Times, they documented over 30,000 false or misleading claims made by Donald Trump during his presidency. These claims were documented in a regular feature called "The Trump Presidency: The Lies and the Truth", which tracked false statements made by Trump from his inauguration in January 2017 until the end of his term in January 2021.

Apple March 8, 2022 Event

Apple announced several products during their March 8, 2022, event. Studio Display Mac Studio iPad air iPhone SE iPhone 13 and 13 Pro color addition Some of the products will...
WebdesignXenWordXenWord Released To Every License Holder

XenWord Released To Every License Holder

Happy New Years !

2014 has been a spectacular year for XenWord and today is a huge step forward. This release was internally known as Adams and is now available for download. It is labeled as a beta because of the increase in the number of features needing to be tested across numerous different WordPress installations.

There are 38 significant changes to this release: New Features, New Options, New Files, New File Structure. Do NOT upgrade by overwriting files. The structure of the plugin has changed dramatically.


There are also new locations for styling widgets. You’ll also see a version 2 featured forum widget. In order to use this widget, then you will need to modify the thread_list template for canonical links and add CSS to your WordPress theme.


New Feature: Added class xenword_discuss to stylize XenForo discussion link 
New Feature: Added support for dashicons in WordPress toolbar
New Feature: Added support for showing Likes in WordPress toolbar
New Login Profile on login widget.
New File: class-xenword-add-wpusers.php
New file: class-xenword-add-xfusers.php
New File: class-xenword-redirects.php
New File: class-xenword-xfuser-login.php
New File: class-xenword-wpuser-login.php
Deleted images directory
Bug Fix: class-xenword-cookies.php

New option: Turn on or off the writing of XenForo users to WordPress table 
Removed use of $xenword_options global
New File: xenword.pot
Moved class-xenword.php to includes
Moved class-xenforo-users.php to includes
Removed directory public and all files below
New file: class-xenword-loader.php
Renamed xenword-cookies.php to class-xenword-cookies.php
Rewrote plugin activation: class-xenword-activator.php and class-xenword-deactivator.php
Set subscriber as default

Begin transition to class structure
Rewrote xenword-toolbar.php to class-xenword-toolbar.php
Rewrote xenword-footer.php to class-xenword-footer.php
Rewrote xenword-thread-link.php to class-xenword-thread-link.php
Removed dependencies from class-xenword.php

Moved instantiation of $XF from xenword.php to /public/class-xenword.php
Removed all global $XF from widgets
Removed xenforo_thread_url()
Removed createLink() - rewrote using XenForo methods
Bug Fix: XenForo_Link::buildPublicLink canonical inserted

Started to remove global $XF from widgets
Moved xenforo_thread_url() to xenword-thread-link.php
Separated out alert and conversation text from numbers
Rewrote XenWord::createLink()
Removed repetitive methods in XenWord class
Updated to Redux Framework
Bug Fix: Redux Framework.php had deprecation notice
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LPH is a high school physics teacher interested in the Apple iPad and iPhone, Microsoft Surface, Tablet PCs, and other mobile devices. He resides with one large dog who begs for pizza, hamburgers, French fries, and anything else on the dinner table.

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