Google OS is the answer?


Last night Google announced that they’d be working on a Google OS. There are no public running demos at this time but the general principles have been shared. Google wants to build a quick boot OS that can support a Chrome browser with both simplicity and security for x86 and ARM computers.

The main goal here really isn’t the OS it doesn’t appear. The goal is the browser and getting people to run browser based apps. That’s my nutshell description anyway.

The idea appears to be willing to start with resource mild devices like netbooks where traditional OSes can be overwhelming.

The CrunchPad is another project that has been going this direction with it’s tuned OS and browser for web page focused reading.

I’m not so convinced at this point that talk of OSes in the bigger picture are the key. It’s part of the recipe, but not the answer I don’t think.

Why? Because when you talk about dedicated devices or netbooks and the like, you really need to think in terms of tight integration with good adapter points working on a sound form factor. The Google OS discussion up to this point seems to be more about the browser and I’m still bridging my thoughts with form factors–particularly around interactive electronic readers. That’s my bias anyway.