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Technology CompaniesGoogleGoogle Pack killer app is missing

Google Pack killer app is missing

On Friday Google launched Google Pack–a suite that includes Picasa, Google Toolbar, a limited version of Norton AntiVirus and more. Google Pack is OK, but what I really want Google to provide is what might be called Google Archive or Google Sync.

I want a utility that can sync and back up my data to their servers and with my other systems. In terms of the mass market, this is an unsolved problem and one I’d like to see Google tackle. To do it well, it needs a client side as well as server infrastructure. Google can do this.

Till then will I download Google Pack? Nope. The apps in the collection are available elsewhere and quite frankly are akin to lots of freebie stuff that companies are always clamouring for us to install. I’m never quite sure what I can trust–not just in terms of security, but in terms of what will politely install on my machine, that is will it be intrusive? will it slow down my boot time? and so on—that I stay away from this kind of stuff.

Loren Heiny (1961 - 2010) was a software developer and author of several computer language textbooks. He graduated from Arizona State University in computer science. His first love was robotics.

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree, Loren. The last thing we need is another company trying to push the same old rubbish on us.

    If we can have 2.5GB of storage on gmail then why can’t we have a backup facility for our keys files and settings linked in to our gmail account? It doesn’t even have to be a separate service.

  2. Have you tried FolderShare? – http://www.foldershare.com

    It’s a small little app that allows you to share a set of directories over an encrypted P2P channel between your machines. It’s basically solved this problem for me. I can share a folder from my box at home and always have access to it from whatever box I happen to be working from.


  3. Loren,

    I am surprised that you are even asking for the sync feature. Can you trust your private data files to be on Google’s servers? What is the guarantee that Google is not snooping through your personal files to ind out how well they can target ads to you? I am sure if Microsoft had proposed this idea of storing your data then the whole tech community would have screamed and shouted about privacy, then why is Google exempt?

    Personally I dont like Google scanning my email contents and placing targeted ads either (I dont have a gmail account). I am uncomfortable with Google keeping a profile on me based on my email content and search habits. Again if Microsoft had done this, everyone would have objected.

    Its high time the tech community stop being hypocritical.


  4. Pronob, There’s no doubt that a large part of the tech community might scream at Google for providing such a service. But I wouldn’t. Remember, if someone doesn’t want to use the service, they wouldn’t have to.

  5. Paul, Thanks for the tip. I think an ideal solution, however, would be able to work in situations where machines don’t have to be on at that same time to sync. A Google Sync service could solve this predicament.