ArsTechnica: Second look at UMPC gaming


ArsTechnica takes a second look at gaming on the Samsung Q1 UMPC. Worth a read if you’re into gaming. Evidently the author first thought the UMPC was ideal for retro gaming in particular. After a second look, he’s not quite so sure.

From the article he says:

“Overall, my travels with the Samsung Q1UP have slightly changed my assessment of what’s wrong with the MID/UMPC form factor. Yes, it’s still a drag to use a desktop OS on a small touchscreen, but the Q1UP’s combination of notebook-caliber performance, long battery life, a bright 7″ touchscreen, a PSP-style thumbstick that works quite well for mouse control, and generous accessories (two cameras, dual mics) go a long way toward making it a really useful entertainment and communications device for traveling with a family.”


“…all software usability issues aside, Atom-based MIDs just don’t offer the right combination of screen size, battery life, performance, and functionality to be widely compelling. Fix that, and the MID form factor might just have a future, especially if Microsoft can get its act together and offer some sort of multitouch MID/UMPC edition of Windows 7 with a completely rethought, finger-friendly interface. I’m not holding my breath, though.”