A future favorite UMPC site


I predict that ABC’s streaming offering is going to be one of the hotest video sites for UMPCs this year.

I just checked it out on my Toshiba M400. The video is wonderful. It’s brighter and clearer than that from my Slingbox. I do miss a full screen mode. Maybe I missed the control somewhere. Too bad I have to be working right now. 🙂

Mike Davidson has more here.


  1. Here’s why it will suck for UMPC users:
    1) The ads are (according to my rough db meter) at ~400% (!) the volume of the shows. People hate it on TVs (where it’s more like 120%), but when wearing headphones? heck, that’s almost into lawsuit territory.

    2) No fullscreen, no way to resize other than “small” and “medium”. That’s a big deal on a small screen.

  2. The volume difference with the commercials is ridiculous. Agreed. And the no-fullscreen option is a bummer.

    However, the video quality is very good–especially in comparison to what I’ve been experiencing with Slingbox, for instance. And don’t forget, free is a very compelling feature.