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Technology CompaniesAppleWiFi and Sprint Overdrive Disconnect Solved

WiFi and Sprint Overdrive Disconnect Solved

Thank you James Kendrick!

I own the Sprint Overdrive and use it with my Apple iPad. Just like James, the iPad would disconnect from the Overdrive but has no problems with the network in my home. James found the fix.

I determined that the Sprint Overdrive was using 64-bit WEP encryption for security on the Wi-Fi network connection. The iPad can handle this fine, but it was different than the newer (and better) WPA2 encryption used on all the other networks I use that had no problem reconnecting with the iPad.

I changed the Sprint Overdrive settings to WPA2, and the reconnect issue disappeared. Apparently the iPad was failing to reconnect properly over the WEP encryption, but it has no problem with WPA2.

To change your settings, attach to the network from a desktop and launch your browser. Go to and you should see the following.

Login as administrator, go to advanced settings, and click on the tab for WiFi. You see several choices.

Now, this doesn’t solve some of the other WiFi issues being reported. Some people are switching their DHCP to static IPs and maybe that’ll help you, too.

Let me know what is working for you.

Layne Heinyhttp://www.layneheiny.com
LPH is a high school physics teacher interested in the Apple iPad and iPhone, Microsoft Surface, Tablet PCs, and other mobile devices. He resides with one large dog who begs for pizza, hamburgers, French fries, and anything else on the dinner table.

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