Can a Mac user be satisfied with a Tablet PC?


Dave Taylor on using the Lenovo Tablet PC: “…My preferred operating system is Mac OS X, not Windows XP, so everything else being equal, I’d much rather have a Tablet Mac (what I call a PowerPad Mac). But at this point in time, the only OS choice seems to be Windows for Tablet PC, so that’s what I’m running.

And you know what? It’s a great addition to my professional life, and the combination of light weight, long battery life and wifi connectivity, coupled with the low profile layout, have proven quite attractive once I started using the X41 regularly.”

Sounds like Dave is finding the Tablet PC to fit quite nicely into his normal work schedule. Journal for taking notes, Voip for conversations, and a slim form factor for added mobility. These are three of my top reasons for using a Tablet too. And like Dave I’m often a bit hungry for even faster Tablets. Someday. Hopefully, someday.