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Trump Lawyer Resigns One Day Before Trial To Begin

Joseph Tacopina has filed with the courts that he will not represent Donald J. Trump. The E. Jean Carroll civil case is schedule to begin Tuesday January 16,...

Judge Lewis A. Kaplan Issues Order RE Postponement

On May 9, 2023, a jury found Donald J. Trump liable for sexual assault and defamation. The jury awarded Ms. Carroll $5 million in damages. Seven months ago,...

ASUS Announces 2023 Vivobook Classic Series

On April 7, 2023, ASUS introduced five new models in the 2023 Vivobook Classic series of laptops. The top laptops in the series use the 13th Gen Intel® Core™...
HardwareSmartphonesMicrosoft gifts Windows Phone owners 20GB of SkyDrive storage

Microsoft gifts Windows Phone owners 20GB of SkyDrive storage

Windows Phone 8 owners received a special holiday gift via email from Microsoft. They received a link to activate an extra 20 GB of cloud storage for their phones. Owners must sign up by the end of January 21014. The extra storage is not permanent but is active for a full year.

After losing a trademark court case to BSkyB, Microsoft is expected to rebrand the SkyDrive name (Whittaker, 2013). Microsoft started to use the SkyDrive name in 2007.


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