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CodeIgniter Project Startup

Are you ready to take your skills to the next level?

I’ve been slowly teaching myself PHP. Over the past few months, many people have been helping me see better ways to complete a task. It became increasingly clear last night that setting up an application is best done in a framework. Therefore, I installed CodeIgniter.

CodeIgniter is a free framework for developing PHP based applications.The framework provides the config files and libraries for SEO based paths as well as cookie sessions.

The mrforbes website has an excellent tutorial for setting up the basics. There are a few changes. First, there must be an encryption key set within the config.php file. Use a random key generator or your own. Second, setup cookie related variables so that there aren’t any conflicts.

In my installation, MAMP is not installed because I chose to manually install PHP and MySQL. Also, the database hosting is not localhost but – entering localhost in the config file will cause the app to fail to connect to the database. You can play around with vhosts or just drop the framework into a directory.

After installation, load up the directory in your browser and you should see the following welcome message. Congratulations. Now you may begin using your framework.


Best of luck and enjoy using CodeIgniter to take your skills to the next level.

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