Moto Labs demos capacitive multi-touch display


Here’s a video of Moto Lab’s capacitive multi-touch digitizer:

Looking good.

From this CNet article on the prototype:

“The device also employs capacitive touch–same as the iPhone–in which a finger touching a sensor grid (just below the screen) causes a change in signal. That relays exactly where on the screen the finger is. But while the iPhone uses a solid solution known as ITO (indium tin oxide), Moto Labs employs a grid of super-thin wires that pick up on the signals from each finger.

The thin-wire grid is used right now in single-touch displays, but has yet to be used on multitouch, and that’s where Moto Labs’ work on the inner electronics and the software to take advantage of multitouch comes in.”

Sounds interesting.

It appears that the thin wires show up on light backgrounds as seen in the video. That may explain why most of the time the display is shown with a black background. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but let’s say you want to read a document on a display with a Moto digitizer. The reading experience might not be so hot.

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