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StaffIncremental BloggerTime for a Windows 7 bingo card?

Time for a Windows 7 bingo card?

I get a kick out of the Bingo game Arstechnica puts together for major Apple events in anticipation of what might be said or what new features might come out.

I think this time around, we ought to have something similar on the Windows 7 side.

Since Microsoft is saying little to nothing about what might be included in the forthcoming Windows 7 OS, it ought to be rather interesting to put together a collection of features that we’ll actually see in a beta version of the OS, without getting too far off base.

So what features should we include in a Windows 7 Bingo card? Here are a few I’m thinking about:

* Multi-touch. So you say, “Hey, Microsoft already announced that!” Yeah, but they could always change their minds as we all know from Longhorn. But also, why not give a freebie or two 🙂
* New UI. Another easy guess.
* Pie menus and new dock. We saw a bit of this in the Windows 7 demo. Not sure if these were concept features or not.
* Faster boot times
* Live connectivity. Another easy one.
* Auto-switching from WiMax/EVDO to WiFi
* Fewer SKUs
* New device support–possibly for webcams or accelerometers or some other sensor
* Cloud-based backup

I need to look around to see what other features people have been predicting we might see in Windows 7. Surely there must be already enough for a Bingo card. Anyone have any they would like to add to the mix?

Oh, and since this is a bingo game, there has got to be a prize. I’m trying to think of something fun, that’s appropriate for Windows 7. So far we know that Windows 7 will have multi-touch so I’ll try to think of a prize that goes along with this. Any suggestions?

Another thought: Maybe we could have different Tablet/Mobile sites each come up with a different bingo card….hmm.

Loren Heiny (1961 - 2010) was a software developer and author of several computer language textbooks. He graduated from Arizona State University in computer science. His first love was robotics.

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