Digg keeps entrenching itself


I realize I’ve probably been around the block too many times to be allowed to make a comment like this: but doesn’t it seem like the content on Digg is getting worse and worse? I do. Maybe it’s the way pictures and videos have been added to the front page. Maybe it’s the trolling comments. Maybe its the trolling posters. Maybe it’s the top diggers–or the demographics of the digg population itself. I see another Technorati-style trend–which is going in the wrong direction.

On a twist of the classic Clayton Christensen theory of the innovators dilemma, will Digg’s community collectively stagnate (or in this case over-stimulate) Digg’s evolution? Will it’s very best “customers” lead it down a path that opens up bigger opportunities to competitors rather than for Digg itself? I think that’s precisely what’s going on right now.