Preparing for SIGGRAPH


This is my first time attending SIGGRAPH and not knowing what to expect I haven’t planned much. In fact, I’m only planning on spending a day at the conference. But now that I’m looking in greater detail at all of the BOF sessions, the developers that are going to be there, all the exhibitors, and the technical sessions I’m beginning to wish I’d planned for the whole week.

I wonder how visible Tablets will be at the conference? At business- and Microsoft-oriented conferences there’s almost always a good showing of Tablets. But what about a conference where Art, Apple, and Academia are all present? There’s no Microsoft booth anywhere to be found. Oh, I do see that Alias will be there. That’ll be cool to see what they are up to.

I also see that there are some amazing BOF sessions geared around several open source applications that hands-down should be Tablet enabled. These sessions would be good to attend. I don’t travel the open source circles. I should.

For a peek into what SIGGRAPH is like, here are the Flickr pictures tagged with SIGGRAPH. What’s showing up? Star Wars X-Wing spaceship. Mars Rover. Robots. And, yes, even a Tablet PC. And, another Tablet that I think is showing stereo images. And, here’s another Tablet! SIGGRAPH is looking to be an amazing conference.