Free Cmap Tools to Schools


The Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC) gives their Cmap Tools to schools for no cost, so announced eSchool News.

Cmapping stands for concept mapping, a way to display mainly nouns in a topographical array around a core idea. In some ways, it offers a visual way to go beyond sentence and paragraph diagramming.

Scientists and educators use it show relationships among ideas, facts, and speculations to develop propositions about a core idea. Proponents use Cmap tools such as The Giant to support collaboration among students in schools to develop these propositions.

Cmapping seems a natural for use with a Tablet PC.

I’ve participated with teachers in developing displays manually. It’s awkward at best for someone who uses straight line thinking. I still wonder how teachers convert a nominal level visual display to higher order thinking without injecting unidentified and untestable value judgments. Maybe these judgments indicate a limit to visual concept mapping?


  1. Support for pen gestures would be nice….Great product for the price — especially for schools!

  2. I hope the link provides you with a way to get in line for a copy through their free distribution announcement.