Innovation dinner at DEMO


DEMO was capped off by a dinner honoring 15 of it’s top 15 years of innovators–people like Dan Bricklin and Kai Krause (of Kai Power tools and many other innovative user interface technologies.)

Each honoree was asked what advice they’d give a 20-year old version of themselves.

The common themes:

* Do it
* Do it now rather than later
* Do something you’re passionate about
* The team you work with matters
* Be persistent

At dinner I sat at the table with honoree Leslie Vadasz (former Executive VP from Intel and frequent DEMO technology spotter and nurturer) and his advice was similar although he added the importance of family to his list. Yes, you always have to keep things in perspective.

I didn’t get much of a chance to talk with Leslie, but I did get him to sign my Tablet. I wish I’d collected more signatures.