More searching


As of this morning, it looks like the new MSN Search is stressed out. I’m getting: “This site is temporarily unavailable, please check back soon.” Yeah, this is a beta site.

Last night at least it was working. Here’s what a search results page looks like for “Tablet PC”:


As you can see, the search results are straightforward. One minor difference with Google is that some of the items have a Cached Page date. That’s kind of nice.

The search results are different than Google’s. If I was to put it in qualitative terms I’d say that there’s a bias towards more active sites–similar to the rankings you’d see on Alexa. I’m not sure of sure of the specifics, but I’m guessing this means that search results might change on a daily basis since a site’s “active” ranking might change too. Once the search is back up, I want to see how the rankings have changed for “Tablet PC” from the screenshot above.