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Trump Lawyer Resigns One Day Before Trial To Begin

Joseph Tacopina has filed with the courts that he will not represent Donald J. Trump. The E. Jean Carroll civil case is schedule to begin Tuesday January 16,...

Judge Lewis A. Kaplan Issues Order RE Postponement

On May 9, 2023, a jury found Donald J. Trump liable for sexual assault and defamation. The jury awarded Ms. Carroll $5 million in damages. Seven months ago,...

ASUS Announces 2023 Vivobook Classic Series

On April 7, 2023, ASUS introduced five new models in the 2023 Vivobook Classic series of laptops. The top laptops in the series use the 13th Gen Intel® Core™...
LifePetsQuakes and Dogs

Quakes and Dogs

We woke up this morning in outer LA to a small quake.

Pascal: What was that? The world is ending (run around, jump in bed, sit on human face)

Ellie: Howl (Now sit and stare)

Einstein: Quietly shakes and curls up in his blankets.

Gracie checks up on everyone. AJ still sitting all 100 plus pounds in owner’s lap hours later. He’s too afraid to go outside.

These are the behaviors of our dogs. Frightened by the shaking of the earth. They are much more sensitive to the movements.

Later we find Pascal’s accident in the hallway. He apologizes for the mistake.

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