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EducationTeachingTeaching is not for the meek

Teaching is not for the meek

Teachers should not speak out publicly about poor working conditions, poor morale, poor administrators, poor parents, or poor students. Speaking out is just interpreted as whining. It becomes fodder for the critics.

Therefore, I will not whine or complain. Instead, I’ll describe an incident and you will decide on your own whether you would take a teaching job in our modern public schools.

During the period 5 and 6 passing period, I needed to get to another teacher to ask a few questions. As I was walking past a group of students, one was loudly using foul language. As I passed, I looked and said “Language. Please watch your language.”

The female proceeded to spew several foul words about me and so I stopped, turned, and walked up to her. I repeated that she needed to watch her language.

She continued the profanity – spewing even more vile language. Next, she stated she could do as she wished and I was not her teacher – “so F you.”

As she started to walk away, I stepped forward and said, “you need to calm down.”

She started to yell that I needed to get out of her way or she was going to beat me.

I continued to state that she needed to calm down and I signaled to another teacher to call security. By now, about 25 kids were circling the area.

As she continued her rant, another kid said, “He’s keeping you here until security gets you.” Upon that – she ran.

The campus is large enough that I did not know this student. I’d never met her. I really had no interest in any type of scene. My preference would have been to get to the other teacher’s room, get my questions answered, and get ready for my next class.

What happened to the young lady? Nothing. I’ll fill out a mountain of paperwork – and she’ll still be on campus being her wonderful self. We will probably never see each other again.

Now, could you tolerate a screaming kid threatening you? Could you then walk calmly to your next class period and work with 46 kids (35 chairs) trying to learn engineering?

A teacher can – and I did. It was a shining moment in my career. I’m sure it will be remembered as the day I never made it to the other teacher.

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Robert Heiny
11 years ago

Wow! And with this kind of treatment the local teacher’s union still agreed with the school district that teachers will take 21 days of furlows in order to cut the district’s budget for this academic year?