1.0 Teacher

A Learners’ View (ALV) Is Of Choices On The Straightest And Fastest Path To Learning, The Oxygen Of Social Life.

Definition: 1. a. All students learn to solve the problem of a lesson as instructed. b. One who develops or adapts and then uses (applies) a 1.0 Lesson Plan to conduct 1.0 Instruction of 1.0 Lesson Content personally or through electronic media.

2. (Tech.) One who matches the probabilities of lesson plans, instruction, and lesson content with a learners’ view (ALV) (the probabilities of response patterns of learners to stimuli presented by teachers in lessons) in ways that learners meet criteria for each lesson.

3. Distinct from classroom management of affairs that surround teaching and learning in schooling and home study.

4. The implicit standard against which evaluators compare assessments of teaching, learning, and schooling.

5. The goal of educators in Decisive Schools of the New Era School Initiative.

Metaphor: The opposite of a baseball pitcher winning a game with a no hitter.

Highlight: The quantification of the core purpose of the social role called teacher.

Synonym: PERFECT TEACHER replaces the quantification of results from activities with a judgment. AVERAGE TEACHER (by statistical definition of average) performs between plus or minus one standard deviation around the arithmetic mean of ratings of teachers; on average, 66 percent of students learn lessons average teachers offer, irrespective of the background, entering competence, demographic variations, etc. of learners. SPECIAL TEACHER gives priority to adjusting instruction, so it shows learners ways that perfect teachers include and average teachers do not use to meet lesson criteria; includes using more refined instruction and content to meet the same criteria for lessons; learners of special teachers result from incomplete or inadequate instruction of lessons to meet expected academic performance standards.

Antonym: FAILING TEACHER emphasizes as unacceptable the unnecessary number of trial-and errors of learners to complete lessons successfully.

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Last Edited: September 22, 2015