Golfing Presidents


President Trump has traveled to his own properties at least 22 times in 65 days in office. He golfed at least 12 times.

Candidate Trump constantly jabbed President Obama for golfing and taking vacations. As candidate he stated, “I’m going to be working for you. I’m not going to have time to go play golf.”

Now that candidate Trump is President, he’s off this weekend for his 12th outing in 65 days in office.

It’s ironic that Republicans obsessed over Mr. Obama’s golfing. There is a website devoted to counting his outings, There is no GOP outrage regarding Trump’s golf time.


It’s important to keep everything in perspective. For example, former President Gerald Ford — one of our most athletic presidents — accidentally hit spectators on several occasions. Yet, he hit many hole-in-ones during his outings.

William Howard Taft (the 27th President of the United States) was the first president to openly play golf. In August 1911 he stated, “My advice to the middle-aged and older men, who have never played golf, is to take it up.”

Former President Truman defended critics of Former President Eisenhower playing golf by stating, “To criticize the president because he plays a game of golf is unfair and picayunish. He has the same right to relax from the heavy burdens of office as any man.”

George W. Bush was highly criticized for his speech regarding terror and ending with “Now, watch this drive.”

Interestingly, his great grandfather, George Herbert Walker, was president of the U.S. Golf Association in 1920, his grandfather (Prescott Bush) was also president of USGA, and his dad was an inductee in the World Golf Hall of Fame.

Compare this to Former President Warren G. Harding, who payed twice each week, but is considered one of the worst golf players. Unless you consider Calvin Coolidge, who left his golf clubs at the White House because of his dislike for the sport.

Richard Nixon had his own three-hole course at his California home. Yet, didn’t play during his short second term in office.

A Comparison of Four

Let’s look at President Trump’s number of days on the golf course relative to Obama, Eisenhower, and Wilson.

  • Barack Obama 306 rounds – every 10th day
  • Donald Trump 12 rounds (65 days) – every 5th day
  • Dwight Eisenhower 800 rounds – every 4th day
  • Woodrow Wilson 1,200 rounds – every 3rd day


It turns out former President Obama played the least number of rounds of golf while in office compared to Trump, Eisenhower, or Wilson.

Of course, one could argue that Herbert Hoover, Harry S. Truman, and Jimmy Carter never played golf.