Trigem Lluon Mobbit PS400 Photos


Currently available in Korea, the Trigem Lluon Mobbit PS400 is another ultra-mobile PC or mobile internet device shown at CES. It has some clever features, such as an integrated camera that you can use like a point-and-shoot.

Here are some profile photos of one running Windows XP Home:

ATrigem Lluon Mobbit PS400 with integrated camera

Snap a photo and customize it using the integrated camera software.

Lluon playing a movie

Playing a movie.

Camera is on the back of the PC, so you can use it like a point-and-shoot

Integrated camera is on the back of the PC, so you can hold it like you would hold a point-and-shoot.

Camera software has focus target so you can align then shoot

Camera software has focus target, so you can line up your object then shoot.

Camera button is on top, right corner of PC

Camera button on top, right corner of PC.

Personalize your photo

Camera software has special personalization options. In this case, a border was added.


Bottom of PC


Right side with left & right mouse buttons along edge.


Trackpad allows for mouse navigation. Display also has a touch screen.


Ventilation along top.


Size compared with iPhone 3G.