HP encourages people to touch PC displays


HP’s incorporation of natural interaction with PCs has hit a new high, with its successful TouchSmart PC and TouchSmart TX2 Tablet PC. The TouchSmart PC offers large viewing space, with its 22" or 25.5" display. People could easily see benefits of saving space by getting rid of an old tower, as well as being able to point and go. "I can get this for my parents," exclaimed one person playing with it. Later same comment came from people at CntrStg, who were using a TouchSmart PC running Windows 7 beta and multi-touch.

Both TouchSmart products are offered through HP’s consumer division. Interestingly, we heard several comments from people interested in buying it for enterprise and education clients too. Will HP listen and as a result expand what they offer to their business clients?

HP promotes touch
HP TouchSmart PC and TouchSmart TX2 Tablet PC featured on the "Touch" rounds.

HP TouchSmart TX2 dsplayed as a slate.
HP TouchSmart TX2 displayed as a slate.

HP TouchSmart TX2 in notebook mode. 
HP TouchSmart TX2 in notebook mode. Writing with fingertip using Microsoft Journal.

We opened Journal for the first time on a couple of TouchSmart TX2s. (We knew it was the first time because Journal asked if we wanted to install the print driver.) People looked over our shoulders to see what we were doing, and I think were happy to see ink in addition to touch. Our goal was to answer how well we could write with the HP TouchSmart TX2. A quick check of the digitizer is scribbling all over the edges in Journal. The good news is no rogue lines!

I am looking forward to trying Windows 7 beta on the TouchSmart TX2, as it will support more than two finger multi-touch.