Smart Technologies introduces Smart Table for schools


According to CrunchGear, the leading maker of classroom interactive whiteboards, Smart Technologies, will introduce its Smart Table interactive learning center this week. Here is the press release dated this coming Thursday, October 23rd with details and a video showing kids using the new table.

Children can work in small groups around the table to manipulate objects, draw and write on the horizontal screen.

  • 27" diagonal screen (29" W x 25" H)
  • Supports multiple users & multiple fingers
  • Gestures include pinching object to scale size and object rotation
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Ships with interactive learning applications, including activities and games
  • Toolkit for teachers to create their own applications
  • ISVs partners and content developers to offer products in Spring ’09 to run on the Smart Table.

The press release lists $8000 as the educational price, with a caveat "To be determined." Look forward to seeing an update from Smart Technologies.

Congratulations on the new product launch. Can’t wait to see how these will be used by students and the types of applications that are created for it.