Round-up of recent Tablet PC tid-bits


Have you noticed the new face to the Windows Vista Developer Center? Thanks for the update, Eliot.

Classroom Presenter 3 was released by University of Washington’s Center for Collaborative Technologies. This presentation tool can be used in classes by teachers and students.

HSPA Workshop for teachers coming up — includes popular Geometer Sketchpad:

Teaching Precalculus Using Technology

Date: February 8, 2008 (Code: HSPA 020808)
Time: 8:30 am – 3:00 pm
Presenters: Chris Hanas, Matthew Hanas

Audience: Grade 9-12 Mathematics Teachers, Mathematics Supervisors

The introduction of computer algebra systems (CAS) in the math classroom has made it challenging to create activities and assessments that test knowledge and understanding of Precalculus topics while supplementing, rather than supplanting, traditional paper-and-pencil techniques. This workshop will introduce a variety of discovery-based activities and assessments that involve the use of the TI-89 calculator as well as Geometer’s Sketchpad and Converge software.

HP Technology for Teaching Grant Initiative deadline approaching: February 14, 2008 for US; March 31 for Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific; and April 10 for Latin America. This has been a phenomenal program and has helped many schools get started with Tablet PCs.

Interested in following the pulse of Tablet PC ecosystem? Loren has built a conversation tracker. You can check out the temporary location at Otto Berkes topped the list for a few days with the most inbound interest. Will you be next source of cool information?

Steve Hughes posted a fantastic set of pictures and description of the Tablet PC & UMPC Community Gathering at CES 2008. Thanks for sharing!! is running a contest for a new logo. A TabletKiosk Sahara i440D Tablet PC is the prize to the winner. See site for details.