Update: Tablet PC & UMPC Community Gathering @ CES 2008


I realize that many of you are anxiously awaiting the exact date and location for the Tablet PC & UMPC Community Gathering 2008. I have confirmation that our preferred time slot of 3-6pm on January 8th is available, but have a little more work to do on securing the location.
After I have this confirmation, I’ll send out an email to those of you who have sent messages. I’ll also add the event to upcoming.com (initial event setup), Twitter, Facebook and other locations to help spread the word. I’m sure many of you will do the same once we have that confirmation.

Some generous people have offered to sponsor some of the event. I’m pulling together a spreadsheet to make sure we have the estimated expenses covered or not yet. I’ll give an update to that shortly also! I even understand that VIA is bringing Santa Claus! 🙂

Stay tuned….



You may now RSVP through:

Note: location to be confirmed.

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