XenWord Showcase


I am a huge fan of XenAddons by Bob. Members will find the Showcase, Articles, and User Blogs addons active on this site.

The Showcase addon was the first one installed on the network and a category for dog photos was created. Other categories have slowly been added but are not very active; with the views reaching over 68K since installation.

Today, I linked a newly created XenWord Showcase forum to the XenWord category in the Showcase area. The frontpage of this site was added to test the link.

Feel free to add a link and images to your own XenWord installations. There is a general descriptions page and a features page. The features page is a great place to describe the widgets you are using, the WordPress and XenForo themes, other addons, etc.



  1. [QUOTE="dethfire, post: 1942993, member: 23389"]We've been using XenWord for 1.5 years now and it's been really great!



    Were you not able to create your own thread in Showcase? Yours is definitely one that others should see for how to integrate things well.

  2. [QUOTE="dethfire, post: 1943015, member: 23389"]Thanks! I didn't even know about the showcase :)[/QUOTE]

    Formally started it yesterday. Figured there are hundreds of sites using the plugin and some people ask me for ideas. It turns out others can show off their integrations and that might spark ideas for new users of the plugin.

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