XenWord Alpha Released


XenWord is now available in the download area of the store. This release is marked alpha because it is feature incomplete. The release is installed on Tux Reports, and the front page shows off some of the new features.

The Members Online widget now has the option to show avatars or show usernames. The new options for the XenForo Resource Manager should remain off.

This version has very important bug fixes and all sites should be upgraded if the site is using the comment system and post ratings.

Bug fixes include a fix to the comment system usort for older WordPress comments count made prior to the activation of XenWord. WordPress posts made prior to activation then tied to a thread will show an comment count. A fix is being developed for the count.

Other bug fixes were very minor and didn’t show in development unless an upgrade was done through FTP rather through the WordPress dashboard.

( 107 ) Alpha Release – April 3, 2016

Bug Fix: Undefined index: class-xenword-redirects.php $_REQUEST['action'] == 'lostpassword'
Bug Fix: Added conditional to xenword_dashboard_widget_display to only load if XenForo_Autoloader exists
Bug Fix: usort callback in class
Added alt tag missing in use of img tag
Renamed /library/XenWord/includes to /library/XenWord/Threads to match comment system
New File: updates.php refactored update XF_Post_ID to post_id meta
New File: promote.php future feature to post a thread to WordPress
Members Online Widget: Added option to choose between showing an avatar or a username list
Added option to XenWord Settings Panel for Members Online Widget
Added option to XenWord Settings Panel for XenForo Resource Manager

Pre-Sales Questions
Please ask any questions regarding this release in the pre-sales forum.

New Installations

Before installing the XenWord plugin, please make sure you aligned the IDs and user_ids for the administrator, editor, contributor accounts. The www settings for WordPress and XenForo must be the same (including capitalizations). Create WordPress Administrator, WordPress Editor, WordPress Author, and WordPress Contributor user groups in XenForo. After activation, you must set the absolute path to XenForo. Next, turn on advanced user mapping and map the secondary user groups to WordPress roles.

Do NOT use FTP to upload this plugin. Please use the Add New plugin under the WordPress plugins area.


Please do not open a support ticket or send a private message. If you run into issues then please open a new thread in the support forums. It’s vital that you add as much information as possible to help figure out the issue.

New documentation for the latest alpha versions is slowly being uploaded. Video and screenshots may vary based on the release, therefore, feel free to post any suggestions and request clarification in the support forums.

I appreciate all of the feedback so that XenWord is improved.

XenWord is a simple, incrementally developed bridge between XenForo community forums and WordPress. Development began in the summer of 2013 with the initial release available in January 2014.