Marc Orchant: The best Windows laptop I own is… a Mac?


Marc Orchant asks: Is the best Windows laptop a Mac?

I’m hearing this more and more. And more not as a question, but as a fact.

I wonder how long this perception will last. 6 months? A year? two years? Five? Nah, not that long. The industry changes too fast.

Awhile ago I predicted this trend and it appears it’s in full steam. The unfortunate part is that the Tablet PC and UMPC is losing ground as an innovative platform. My concern is that Macs will sweep into the education market–migrating from the college level down–precisely where Tablets can have the greatest impact and provide the greatest value.

If Microsoft can figure out a way to easily retrofit Mac laptops with a screen digitizer technology that would provide access to Vista’s handwriting recognition and touch experience on a Mac laptop, then maybe the march to Macs would not be a bad thing for Tablets. Until then though, each Mac–whether it runs Vista or not—is one more challenge to Tablet PC adoption from a hardware perspective.