More Apple Tablet rumors


Today there’s a renewal of Apple Tablet rumors.

Actually, it sounds like from today’s reports that Apple is thinking not exactly in terms of a Tablet or larger iPod Touch, but rather a netbook with 9.7″ touch screen. Supposedly, Apple is lining up manufacturers for the fall or sometime next year. There are conflicting reports.

I have to say though an $800 9.7″ netbook with touch might do very well in the market. Why? Because if it were extremely thin–I’m talking iPod Touch thin–it would be quite amazing. It might even be a strong competitor to the Kindle series.

What OS might something like this run? I’m guessing an iPod Touch OS, but that’s a complete guess. One thing for sure is that if Apple went along these lines, their App Store partners would need to get in line too and if we’re talking about all of this happening or being announced in October or so as reports go, that doesn’t leave much time for Holiday sales to get lined up. So I’m guessing Apple is still tinkering with small manufacturing runs and that’s what the rumors are about, not necessarily products that are going to be fully announced and shipping soon.