Another day, another Mac rumor


As we approach WWDC, the Apple rumors and chatter is increasing. Just watch TechMeme for a day or so and you’ll see what I mean.

Yesterday there was talk of an Intel exec supposedly stating that Apple was going to come out with a larger iPhone device running an Atom processor. There was good reason to be skeptical. No one in the industry leaks information like this. Especially not in front of a crowd. There might have been something poorly stated, but I doubt it was meant to signal to the markets that there was a forthcoming product from Apple.

This won’t stop the Apple MID or mini-Tablet rumors though. I’ve heard them too–from “inside” industry people too. For a couple years now. Of course, in all this time, there’s not been a Tablet product, so my skepticism grows with each passing month.

Now what I imagine is happening is that Apple is working on various designs and ideas and some of these might be Tablet like. Whether they hit the market is another idea. That makes complete sense.

Apple is tremendously secretive, but my guess is that they’d give a public nod to what they are working on if the idea is going to be a big new direction for them.

So as of today we’re still in the same position we were in yesterday. Will there be a Tablet? A MID? An e-Book reader? Who knows. Stay tuned. The rumor mill has lots more to say.