Do you want $100 or a better iPhone?


Apple is doing an amazing thing by offering early iPhone adopters a $100 store credit after announcing a $200 price drop in the iPhone yesterday.

Robert Scoble is up for taking his $100 credit, but he’d willingly exchange it for a real developer SDK among other things. Oh how I wish there was an SDK.

Dave Winer has an even better idea: “Even better would be to give us something unique, to commemorate the “early days” of the product. A T-shirt maybe, a poster, an iPhone mug from Starbucks? Give people something to feel a part of the team, family, clan, cause. Apple has at times been really good at tuning into this, at other times, not so good.”

Now that would be smart marketing. Give people a store credit and when they walk in to redeem it, they get an early adopter “I was there” iPhone t-shirt. Very smart idea.