A simple battery test: Mac OS X versus Vista on a MBP


Bob was wondering which OS would give him longer use of his battery on a MacBook Pro (MBP). So he ran a test. Starting with a fully-charged battery, he booted once into Mac OS X and once into Vista (via Bootcamp) and during each session he surfed the Internet using a WiFi connection for as long as his battery would allow him.

Which OS gave him the longer battery life? Mac OS X. The Mac OS lasted slightly longer than 2:15 minutes whereas Vista ran for 1:40. That gives OS X about a 35% edge over Vista using the same hardware.

Of course, this is a completely informal, non-scientific test. Bob wasn’t trying to duplicate his actions in each case and so there were definitely differences along the way. How much his actions influenced the time is unknown.

What was the hardware that he was using: MacBook Pro, 2.13GHz, Core 2 Duo, 2GB memory, 120GB 5400RPM harddrive, 15.4″ display, 802.11G and Firefox browser while surfing the Net.

Personally, both times don’t sound that great to me, but I can see where the large display and CPU could eat up milliwatts pretty fast.