Dan Bricklin goes back to his developer roots


Dan Bricklin is returning to his developer roots and is working on some new utilities for his company the Software Garden. And for his new development machine he picked up a….drumroll…PowerBook:

“So…for the first time since I bought a Mac SE in the late 1980’s, I’ve bought a computer made by Apple. (Some of my long time Mac-user friends are enjoying laughing at me for being “forced” to go their way after singing the praises of Wintel machines for so long.) I’ve been a satisfied Microsoft DOS and Windows person since I bought my first 64K IBM PC in the early 1980’s. I type this on my Tablet PC.”

PowerBooks are definitely impressive machines. Is Dan setting a developer trend? Hmm. His choice makes lots of sense in light of the fact that he’s planning on developing some cross-browser utilities. You need all sorts of machines for testing applications like these.

Dan also blogs his thoughts on his return to product development:

“I just want to spend a lot of time programming and then we’ll see what happens. I love programming and hands-on product development.”


“I am also interested in understanding how a small software company can make money in today’s world. The old business models of the early Software Garden days are from a different era. Today we have an even more fertile field for innovation. There is still evolution in how best to afford to produce each of the different types of software we need. Once I have some new products to distribute, I can experiment and learn myself.”

Why do I think I’m going to be checking Dan’s blog everyday now to see what he’s up to?