GotDotNet gets it?


Via Scoble: Omar Shahine: “Since it’s open season for Microsoft employees criticizing other Microsoft employees, I will use my pulpit too.”

What’s all the linking about? Seems that there is back and forth on whether Microsoft employees should post their personal projects on GotDotNet.

I’m with Dare on this one–although not for the reasons he points out.

As an end-user that surfs for ideas and follows projects, such as the Tablet PC project WriteFree on GotDotNet, I’m no fan of GotDotNet. Its database-oriented design is too clunky for me. Try searching for something you know is there. Try passing along links to someone else. Try exploratory browsing. Now do the same thing on Google or CodeProject. Notice I’m not even talking much about the mechanics of maintaining a project on GotDotNet. Maybe if I was actually trying to manage a project on GotDotNet rather than simply consume its contents I’d have a different view.

As an in-house effort, an infrequently used system or a screenshot for a brochure, GotDotNet is fine. As a product or technology showcase intended for heavy use, it’s bestable. I imagine Microsoft will eventually improve it, but in the meantime I have no problem if someone moves their project elsewhere–at least I’ll be able to find it on Google.


  1. Can’t agree enough! Virtually impossible to find things or getting a zip file with source. I gave up on GotDotNet and went back to CodeProject.

  2. I also like the article styles at CodeProject. For example, the GIFs/JPGs that people include at the top of their articles are a nice touch.