Will the Asus Eee PC revolutionize the UMPC market?


With the predicted low cost (starting at $199) of the ASUS Eee PC I can’t help but wonder if this isn’t going to be a breakthrough product that challenges the UMPC market.

It’s all going to depend on how well the Eee does in the market. If it takes off–if people say to themselves, heck, what’s a couple hundred, it’s worth checking out–then sales of Eee’s could be quite attention getting and UMPCs are going to look mighty over priced in forum flame wars.

Am I going to get one? Probably. What I’m tyring to find out first is if I can replace the display some way with one that has a digitizer. So far, no word. My guess is no, but I thought it’s worth checking into. If the prices truly do come in around $300 maybe I’ll see what I can do anyway. I have a hammer, hehehe. Even if I can’t get a digitizer into it, I guess I can live with an external digitizer and Windows XP Tablet Edition–assuming it’ll install and there are drivers. (I figure I can write my own shell as needed. I really like the simplicity of the one ASUS has been demoing.)Of course, using an external digitzer wouldn’t give me touch, which I think is a required element in a small form factor like this. Oh, well.

Yes, price can matter. However, the real test will be whether the device functions as well as the early reviews are suggesting. Is it as responsive? As easy to use? Networks as needed? Survives on battery as long as advertised? This is what I and everyone else will be watching for.

One thing is for sure, this is a product to watch out for. Will it be a game changer? Will it be a milestone in the transition to more mobile computers? Could be.