UMPCPortal shows off Raon Everun


Chippy over at has a couple videos showing off a pre-production Raon Digital Everun UMPC. Very nice.

Here are two videos that give an overview of the Everun’s features and here’s a video where Chippy give the keyboard a spin.

A couple things I like about the device:

* The relatively speedy, auto-switching of the display between portrait and landscape mode.
* The backlighting of the keys
* Slightly over 1 pound (500g)–light enough to be held in one hand when in use

This device also includes an AMD LX900, which sets it apart for other UMPCs. The processor speed appears to be acceptable, but then again it would be nice to see it run a more substantial application.

Overall, I’m quite impressed. I could see myself using this for on-the-go web surfing and emailing.