A UMPC wedding


Weddings are often full of special moments. Chris Pirillo’s and Ponzi’s was no different. Today Chris blogs about the “special moments” in their wedding: reading their vows from UMPCs. Yes, UMPCs. Chris says it was even Ponzi’s idea.

Like on cue for a “Funniest Home Video” all did not go as planned. Chris read his vows from the UMPC just fine. Unfortunately, while Ponzi was reading her vows the UMPC went to sleep. Good thing he had a backup.

Chris has posted a bunch of wedding photos on Flickr, including one where he’s reading from the UMPC.

Congratulations Chris and Ponzi!

(I wonder how long it’ll be before this story hits page 1 on Digg? I don’t think anyone has submitted it yet, but I’ll be watching. I predict 10AM Pacific Time tomorrow.)