Josh Bancroft unboxes an ASUS R2H UMPC


Last week Josh Bancroft recoreded a video as he unboxed a brand new ASUS R2H UMPC. Not content, he takes 162 photos as he unboxes another R2H.

What’s next for Josh? He promises a video showing Windows Vista running on an R2H. Sounds promising.

After seeing the Samsung Q1 and the TabletKiosk eo running Vista at Mobile Connections the other week, I’ve been wanting to upgrade my Q1 to Vista. Vista appears to run just fine on at least these UMPCs. There are still some driver issues, which I hope will get resolved, but other than that given enough memory (1GB) Vista looks like a great UMPC match. I look forward to hearing about Josh’s experience with installing Vista on an R2H. Is he as impressed as I was with Vista on the Q1 and eo? Was he able to get all the drivers for Vista?