OQO to get wide-area wireless?


Handtops.com: “The next OQO handheld PC, which could be out as soon as the Consumer Electronics Show in January, will have a brighter screen, improved keyboard, more memory, a bigger hard drive and wide-area wireless capability, all for about the same price as the current model ($1,599 at the OQO store).

Techworld has more.

My two cents: After using EVDO I wouldn’t go back to the WIFI world–especially when I’m travelling to conferences, travelling through airports, or staying at a hotel. The service is generally more reliable and further, why should I keep paying local fees to access the Internet when I can have it all bundled under one service–that just works?

Once Intel starts integrating WiMAX into their chipsets the mobility world will change. Until then people who travel a lot, early adopters, and tech enthusiasts will be purchasing broadband wireless plans. But for the mass market there’s more to do. Just think of it from the perspective of a typical Windows user. Is the wireless broadband support in the OS good enough? Is the service transparent enough? I expect to see further enhancements in Windows and OS X before wireless broadband becomes something my neighbors will use. I can’t wait, though. I’m ready. And I think so are they.