First Neek Talk video post


My nieces just posted their first Neek Talk video post. You can get it here [5MB, 5 Minutes].

While in the New England area last week Sarah and Kimberly visited several campuses and video taped some of their impressions. (Oh, and they show off the Samsung Q1 UMPC a little too.)

We edited the video with Windows Movie Maker, which turned out to be half-OK. In retrospect we should have used iMovie. Cut shots and better control over the audio can really smooth things out quite a bit in a video like this. Instead we had to cut back and forth between shots to liven things up. The effect kind of works, although my nieces were slightly concerned that it made them look silly. As their uncle I don’t mind this, but I see their point.

What should we do differently next time?

* Wear microphones. When shooting outdoors there’s simply too much background noise.
* Take more video–including video of things they talked about.
* Use fewer pronouns. When editing the video we realized how important it is for the audio and video to stand on its own. In several occassions we wound up with clips that start in the middle of a conversation. Better editing may have helped. Maybe we’ll learn how.
* Hold the camera still.
* If you just got off the plane after flying all night, eat something before filming. 🙂