It’s Deja Vu all over again


All of the mainstream reviewers must have been shown the same talking points when it comes to the Samsung Q1. This time it’s the Washington Post. The review can be summed up by one of its leading paragraphs:

“the company had to sacrifice a few things to reach that weight: a keyboard. A CD or DVD drive. A screen big enough to display everyday Windows programs properly. Acceptable battery life. And, as a result, any justification for this device’s existence.”

The end of the article also adds price to this list.

Oh, well. Kind of sounds a lot like the arguments made against Tablet PCs. We’re used to this. It reminds me to stay focused on what really counts: The experience.

There’s lots of opportunity here for the OEMs, content and service prodivers, and the software developers to work together to create great experiences. It’s not simply about bundling a bunch of features together anymore. The bar has risen. People–I–want a good experience.