After Mix06


Yesterday was the last day of Mix06. I was only there for a couple hours since I needed to get back to Phoenix for Jury Duty.

I spent most of the conference at the UMPC table area answering questions about UMPCs. It was that busy. What was the most common question? I think it was a tie between “How heavy are they?” and “What is a UMPC/Origami?”

Oh, from what I saw, the name “Origami” has much more traction that “UMPC.” As I blogged the other day, if you’re trying to advertise products online for UMPCs, this means you’ll want to sign up for the word “Origami” too. I think you’ll discover that it generates the best number of hits. UMPC is a distant second.

So much to catch up on…gotta run. I have some videos for Layne to post later on UMPCBuzz. Hopefully tonight.