Lora blogs from a UMPC


Lora takes a pre-production TabletKiosk UMPC for a spin. So cool.

Last night she messaged me in ink saying that she was using a UMPC. I was surprised. I couldn’t tell that the ink had been created on a UMPC’s touch display rather than a full-sized Tablet with an active digitizer. The ink was as smooth as it always has been.

Later she downloaded InkGestures. I waited patiently at the MSN Messenger window eager to hear how it went. A few minutes went by. Then some more. After awhile she IMed back that she was having fun gesturing in Word. Cool.

I wanted her to try some new code I’ve been working on, but about that time her Internet connection dropped out–she’s been having a lot of problems lately wtih her Internet connection. I hope today she still has the UMPC. There’s so much more I want to know.