How do I think I’ll use a UMPC?


I don’t own a UMPC and, in fact, the Origami units aren’t even shipping yet, but it doesn’t stop me from thinking of how I will use one. I’m recording my thoughts here so that later I can compare notes. Here goes. Here’s are the top five ways I think I’ll use a UMPC:

1. When I travel I want to take some recorded TV shows with me to watch. More often than not I sit in a hotel room flipping through cable channels I don’t really care for. I develop on my Tablet when I’m hotel-bound so there’s no screen real-estate for shows to be playing at the same time. I don’t own a Media Center machine, but I’ve decided to take the plunge now that I have another way to view content–a UMPC.

2. I want to use Streets & Trips/GPS with it when I travel. I’ve tried a couple times to use my Tablet, but it’s too bulky and has too much work stuff on it that I worry about losing. I’m not exactly sure what I’ll do with the UMPC when I park somewhere in the summer Phoenix heat. I’m guessing I’ll have to carry it with me wherever I park. That may be a showstopper.

3. I’ll use it as my photo/camera companion.

4. If I can figure out how to add EVDO to it, I’ll surf, check email, and the like when I’m out and about town. It’ll be my “more mobile” Tablet. If I get a unit, such the ASUS, that has a built-in camera, I envision taking pictures when I do comparison shopping. The camera could be quite handy–on par with one in a cellphone.

5. Of course, I want to develop cool applications for one. 🙂

After I get a UMPC and spend some time with it, I want to come back to this post and see how far off I was.