Apple iPad Twitter Stream Floods


Twitter users (all 105 million) appear to be discussing the Apple iPad. No, not really but have you even tried to keep up with the number of tweets about the device?

The image above shows 955 new tweets in less than 2 minutes of doing the original search. Last night, I was refreshing about every minute and getting approximately 150-200 new tweets.

Some of the tweets are discussing their purchase, some are saying they want to buy one, some are saying they’ll never buy one, and the majority are tweeting “win an iPad!”


There is good news buried in all the spam; people are interested in the Apple iPad. Consider reporting 29% of their visitors are using the Apple iPad. That’s a nice statistic.

But Ugh. 1,871 more tweets since I started this blog posting a few minutes ago. No, by the time I tried to capture the screen, the reading was 1, 957 tweets.

No, wait, make that 2, 052. Refresh.