CNet: ASUS T91 hands-on video


Roy Reid gets some hands on time with an early ASUS Eee PC T91 Tablet PC.

Live we’ve seen before, the 8.9″, Atom-based, T91 has a resistive touch screen and custom software running alongside to make it easier to use with touch. That includes selecting apps, taking quick notes, a calculator, and such. The software gives XP a nice, fresh, Tablet look.

I wonder if Windows 7 is going to bring any value here. If ASUS places the “Netbook” grade version of the OS on this device, which does not include any Tablet bits (handwriting or math recognition), then it looks like ASUS has done a good job to fill in the gap by creating their own ink apps. Also, because the touch digitizer is resistive, this means it’s not a multi-touch capable device and won’t support smooth scrolling and the like, so any effort that ASUS puts into adding this to their software is well done in XP, because even in Windows 7 they wouldn’t get it.

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13 years ago

CNet: ASUS T91 hands-on video

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