Is the TechCrunch Tablet coming soon?


Dustin Curtis teases us with a post about the TechCrunch Tablet. There were some photos for awhile of the potentially forthcoming device, however, they were taken down (although I did find one image on another site which you can try to find on your own if it’s still there–looks pretty nice.) (See update below.)

Dustin describes the now missing photos:

“The photos were of some amazingly beautiful Apple-like packaging and a slick thin metallic device on a stand. It looks similar to the prototype-b above, but thinner, with a smaller bezel, and more beautiful.”

I’m a strong advocate of the slate “netbook” concept and the TechCrunch CrunchPad might be the silver bullet. I hope it becomes a reality.

Update: Dustin has modified his post again, this time adding the photos back. Now there’s even CrunchPad retail packaging. Hmmm. Shall we start a count down?

Update #2: Well, Gizmodo is not in the act too. They have a series of CrunchPad photos too–one with what looks to be a working display. Nice. I’m looking forward to some specs on this now and what price the TechCrunch team is shooting for. Is it still $200 or something in the ballpark?