News report on Penn State Tablet PC pilot program


WGAL Channel 8 in Pennsylvalia had a report this morning on a Tablet PC pilot program being run at Penn State Harrisburg. Here’s a YouTube video of the news segment (also embedded below).

According to the report HP has provided the school with 63 Tablet PCs that they are trying out. Shown in the news segment are students in a EE class using the Tablet PCs.

Further, the report suggests that “many say they don’t know how they’d live without them (Tablet PCs).”

One thing I like about the report is that it starts at the basics and introduces the concept of a Tablet PC, showing viewers that a Tablet PC may look like a regular laptop, but you can twist the display around and write on it.

A notebook that supports handwriting makes a lot of sense in an engineering class like shown here. Can you imagine trying to type in a diagram like this?

Me neither.