GBM has Lenovo X200 Tablet PC details


Warner Crocker over at GBM has the first video of the forthcoming Lenovo X200 Tablet PC. Looks like a very nice Tablet. I’m drooling. Check out the details here.

The X200 is loaded. The only thing it’s missing is a multi-touch, capacitive display. Maybe that’ll be offered down the road. If so, I’d get my credit card ready. Call me silly, but I’m getting hooked on designing and thinking about apps that support multi-touch–especially since Windows 7 will support multi-touch, bringing this capability to a wide audience.

Looks like Michael Gartenberg likes what he sees too:

“I’m a huge fan of the X series in general and these are nice additions. The question is, can anyone find a mass market use for a Tablet at this point?”

Uh, Michael, education?