Is that a Tablet PC?


It’s not every day if someone asks me if the notebook I have is one of those that you can write on–especially coming from an 81-year old. She noticed that I was using a computer while waiting around and she wanted to know if I could write on it. Why? She was checking up on whether she made a good investment for two of her grandkids that are in college. She purchased each one of them a computer for school and they wanted nothing else that a Tablet PC–so she got them each one, not knowing really what it was all about.

She’s not much of a computer user herself so she didn’t have much details to share, but she diefinitely knew what a Tablet PC was, how you could write on it and flip the display around.

She uses a computer a bit but doesn’t claim to be any good at it. Sounds like more than anything else she uses hers for day trading. 🙂